Editting thermal images

Every thermographer knows the challenge of post-processing your thermography images.
- You still want to drop or rise a few degrees;
- You would rather have a certain adjustment with regard to measuring spots and/or deltas
- You put by accident a wrong emissivity in the camera;
- You want the iron pallet over all your recordings instead of rainbow.

Or you have beautiful recordings and want to have your logo professionally placed for distribution through official channels and advertising purposes.

But to be able to do all these things you have to spend a lot of time (adjusting each photo per piece) and/or purchase a subscription (FLIR thermal studio Pro).
But you don't feel like doing these things because of the cost or the time, since it all takes energy and you would rather invest it in the things you like to do.


What we can do for you:
To help with this, we offer to edit your images on the areas's you would like them changed.

Whether we're talking about 4 images or 300+ we want to help you so you can use your time and energy with what you like instead of adjusting each shot individually.


Cost and/or time reduction:
If you do a simple calculation:
- You have 20 shots
- With every shot you want to add your logo and adjust the temperature lower by 5 degrees;

Of course the time required for this differs in your experience with computers and with the programs belonging to FLIR (Flir tools or Flir studio starter) and photo editing program for your logo, but on average this takes a time of 5 minutes per shot.
5min x 20 = 100 min = 1 hour and 40min (at an hourly rate of €75, this equates to a cost of €100 per 20 images) which you only lose on the post-processing of your images while you could also spend this time on other things like writing a report with recordings that have already been edited, finishing emails or ofcourse enjoying the sun and friends and family.



To keep things as simple as possible, we have a simple step-by-step plan with which we can prepare all the recordings for you.


Step 1:

You send us an email in which you describe how many recordings it concerns and what adjustments you want to have to the images.

Step 2:

We will send you a price specification in which we describe which adjustments we will make to all images and how much this will cost per recording and in total.

Step 3:

If you agree with the rate, you can respond via the same email that you agree and you can send us your recordings via Wetransfer.
Step 4:

After downloading the images, we will make the adjustments for you.

Step 5:

You will receive an email with a Wetransfer link with which you can download the adjusted recordings and the same email will also include the invoice for the adjustment, which of course corresponds to the agreed rate in step 2.


More info:

Would you like more information or would you like to use our service to support you and to create a great collaboration that leaves you more time for things you want to do? Send us an email at info@nhlti.nl.